Optimization of Glucose Production of Cocopeat Using Whole Cell Trichoderma reesei

Muhammad Zaki, Suhendrayatna, Misbul Hadi, Syukri Adha, A.C. Kumoro, Hadiyanto, S.A. Roces, L. Yung, X. Rong, A.W. Lothongkum, M.T. Phong, M.A. Hussain (+2 others)
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The high content of cellulose in cocopeat makes this material convertible into glucose. The converting process of cellulose into glucose can be done by hydrolysis. In this research, the coocopeat hydrolyzed enzymatically using cellulose ezyme from Trichoderma reesei. The purpose of this study was to obtain optimum conditions of glucose yield and to know the effect of concentration of NaOH, molasses mass, and the effect of hydrolisis time on glucose yield produced. The variabel used was
more » ... l used was hydrolisis time (0; 124; and 240 hour), NaOH concenteration (1%; 2%; and 3%), and molasses mass (40; 50; and 60 gr/l). The result showed the higest glucose level obtained at 2% NaOH concenteration, molasses mass 60 gram, and hydrolysis time 240 hours, while the predicted resulted of the optimum conditions of glucose level produced using the software Design Expert 6.08 is 776.771 mg/l at NaOH concenteration 1,35%, molasses mass 59.96 mg/l and hydrolisis time 215.62 hours.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201815601016 fatcat:zg6vzzxsnrcepitssywzvkdg2m