Photocatalytic Treatment of Paracetamol Using TiO2 Nanotubes: Effect of pH

S. Alejandro Lozano-Morales, Graciela Morales, Miguel Ángel López Zavala, Augusto Arce-Sarria, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez
2019 Processes  
Pharmaceuticals are considered among the group of emerging contaminants. Paracetamol is a moderate painkiller, which has been detected in ground and surface water. Photodegradation of paracetamol at a wavelength of radiation of 254 nm with TiO2 nanotubes was studied by UV-spectroscopy, HPLC and measurement of the potential zeta in dependence of the solution pH. The efficiency of the photodegradation of paracetamol (20 mg L−1) was 99% after 100 min exposure. Application of the
more » ... Langmuir-Hinshelwood equation allowed the evaluation of the rate constant. Non-organic by-products were detected under the conditions of the chromatographic analysis. The photoreaction was faster at pH 6.5, a value at which adsorption was favored, leading to higher efficiency.
doi:10.3390/pr7060319 fatcat:ndzisu2sdfge5ehp5n6svqa4cm