Equinodermos colectados por el oceanografico pesquero "B. C. Academic Knipovic", en el sur de Chile

Alfonso Guzmán C
1980 Boletim do Instituto Oceanográfico  
SYNOPSIS This is a study of the echinoderms caught during the o ceanographic fishery cruise performed by the "R. C. Academic Knipovic"in April, 1973. The recorded specimens are from the South of Chile (4SO 08'S; 7~ 54'W) and belong to theclasses Asteroidea: Ctenodiscus procurator Sladen; Peribolaster folliculatus Sladen; Porania antarctica Smith; E chinoidea: Tripylaster philippi (Gray) and Ophiuroidea: Astrotoma agassizzi Lyman and Gorgono~phalus chilensis (Philippi). New recorded to
more » ... corded to Peribolaster folliculatus Sladen, 4S008'S; 7~54'W. Ecological data, geo· graphical and batimetric distribution are given.
doi:10.1590/s0373-55241980000200039 fatcat:djqaz4lkena2teahifgayjnabu