Almanca Hazırlık Programı Alan Alman Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümü Öğrencilerinin Dil Kaybına Uğramamaları için Program Önerisi

2018 International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching  
Students who cannot be exempted from the language examination in the Department of German Language and Literature at the Faculty of Letters at Akdeniz University receive a minimum of 720 hours of German preparation for 30 weeks. The program starts at level A1 and ends at level B1. The effective use of German by the students of the German Language and Literature Department is essential for German literature and culture. Therefore, foreign language learning should be continuous in order to
more » ... in order to prevent students from losing language. Otherwise, they forget very quickly. The 3.5-month holiday period for the summer holiday after foreign language preparatory education may cause wasted time and effort for preparatory education. In order to prevent this problem, our research suggests a program that can be used to eliminate the negative effects of the summer holiday process on language skills acquired during the preparatory education. The program will be applied to students who have started the German Preparatory Program at the beginning level and have successfully completed the preparatory education. The program is a special language program based on the effective use of language skills to be applied during the summer holiday period after preparation. Students will continue to study and repeat German during this program. The program will be 10 weeks and 10 hours per week. The aim of the program is to ensure that the students do not forget the language level and skills acquired during the preparation period and take their language level to an advanced level. This work, -Contribute to the continuation of the language learning process of students enrolled in foreign language related departments. -The findings obtained in the studies on the development of the students following the implementation of the language program will guide the development of alternative language learning programs. -To ensure the continuity of instruction instruction, it is necessary to shorten the vacation time or make online instruction and the necessity of the students to use language effectively.
doi:10.18298/ijlet.3208 fatcat:nwrgdp4bzfc5rmrvwimt3gpfgu