New Beer Faucet

1880 Scientific American  
Itrated in these simpie experiments formed the ' b�sis ' of his the air before they are refilled ; and it will secure to tb� re, When the excitement in this country and Europe which scheme for purifying ordinarily impure air. As rega�ds the tailer a great saving of time, and also the labor attendant attended the laying of the first Atlantic cable, and the doubt, Metropolitan and other underground railways, the locomo-upon the insertion and removal of vent valves, to say nothdelays,and
more » ... s of that great enterprise,are contrasted tive engines might, he said, be supplied with a tank co . ntain-I ing of t . he great waste from the beer becoming stale. , ' with similar operations at the present time, we are £nabled iug a strong solution of caustic soda or lime, through which This device may be either cheap or ornamental, and it is to realize the progress which has been made in telegraphy the smoke should be made to pass before being discharged capable of preventing beer from becoming stale at any age, withitJ less than a quarter of a century. The Anglo·Ameri-' into the outer air . By this means the carbonic acid gas and and it will bring beer that is fit to drink from the cellar with Can Telegraph Company has just completed the work of the sulphur would he eliminated. The carbonic oxide out the use of a pump. It will also cool it without extra ex, laying a new cable from Valentia to Heart's Content, and would require to be dealt with in another way, which need pense, since the ice that is used to cool drinking water also so a matter of course has it become, and so certain not now be explained. In order to attain further purifica· cools the beer. It can be readily applied to any faucet in a and compliratively easy an operation, that it attracts tion of the air in the tunnel, each train might be furnished cask by means of a hose and coupling, scarcely any public attention. The newspapers record the with a truck open at both ends, and appropriately fitted The engraving shows a sealed beer receptacle placed in the fact in a news paragraph of a dozen lines, and-scarcely an with trays or other contrivances for holding solutions of ice chamber of an ordinary water cooler. The faucet of tbe allusion is made to it in editorial columns. lime or soda. As the train prDgressed air would rush OtJOler, however, performs three separate functions: it will
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09251880-196 fatcat:dyqm27gerzgudbvj4en6anmoei