1890 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
or NEW TO UK. Schuckeng'h Method of Operation for Retroflexion. At a discussion of this operation at a recent meeting of the Leipzig Obstetrical Society (Centralblatt fur Gynukologie, No. 31, 1890) Schucking stated that sixty-two cases had been reported, forty-eight being hia own. He had found that it-was also possible to cure prolapsus by his method, since the uterus was maintained in a position of anteflexion-the chief result at which Thure Brandt aims by his manipulations. Sanger could not
more » ... Sanger could not understand how prolapsus could be cured by the vaginal ligature, since it could hardly fix the uterus in a position of anteflexion, and must, moreover, cause lateral deviation of the organ. Although no Berious injuries to the bladder or intestines had yet been observed, be did not see how these could be absolutely avoided. In order to avoid perforation of the bladder he suggested separation of the organ as high as the vesico-uterine fold of peritoneum before passing the suture. He called attention to the fact that Brandt aimed rather at posterior fixation of the prolapsed uterus by restoring the tone of the relaxed sacro-uterine ligaments. Schucking denied that lateral deviation of the uterus was caused by the vaginal ligature.
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