Control of a Dual-Stator Flux-Modulated Motor for Electric Vehicles

Xinhua Guo, Shaozhe Wu, Weinong Fu, Yulong Liu, Yunchong Wang, Peihuang Zeng
2016 Energies  
This paper presents the control strategies for a novel dual-stator flux-modulated (DSFM) motor for application in electric vehicles (EVs). The DSFM motor can be applied to EVs because of its simple winding structure, high reliability, and its use of two stators and rotating modulation steels in the air gap. Moreover, it outperforms conventional brushless doubly-fed machines in terms of control performance. Two stator-current-oriented vector controls with different excitation in the primary
more » ... in the primary winding, direct and alternating current excitation, are designed, simulated, and evaluated on a custom-made DSFM prototype allowing the decoupled control of torque. The stable speed response and available current characteristics strongly validate the feasibility of the two control methods. Furthermore, the proposed control methods can be employed in other applications of flux-modulated motors.
doi:10.3390/en9070517 fatcat:vgbtcvbbozbjzhhbpup6vpcg3e