Keyword Search over RDF: Is a Single Perspective Enough?

Christos Nikas, Giorgos Kadilierakis, Pavlos Fafalios, Yannis Tzitzikas
2020 Big Data and Cognitive Computing  
Since the task of accessing RDF datasets through structured query languages like SPARQL is rather demanding for ordinary users, there are various approaches that attempt to exploit the simpler and widely used keyword-based search paradigm. However this task is challenging since there is no clear unit of retrieval and presentation, the user information needs are in most cases not clearly formulated, the underlying RDF datasets are in most cases incomplete, and there is not a single presentation
more » ... ethod appropriate for all kinds of information needs. As a means to alleviate these problems, in this paper we investigate an interaction approach that offers multiple presentation methods of the search results (multiple-perspectives), allowing the user to easily switch between these perspectives and thus exploit the added value that each such perspective offers. We focus on a set of fundamental perspectives, we discuss the benefits from each one, we compare this approach with related existing systems and report the results of a task-based evaluation with users. They key finding of the task-based evaluation is that users not familiar with RDF (a) managed to complete the information-seeking tasks (with performance very close to that of the experienced users), and (b) they rated positively the approach.
doi:10.3390/bdcc4030022 fatcat:vs65iimfvrhfvmxe7myik4lhye