The effect of velocity on the dispersion of pollutants in a hypothetical arctic open-pit mine

A. Choudhury, S. Bandopadhyay
2016 Air Pollution XXIV   unpublished
Deep open-pit mines are becoming increasingly common in the highly mineralized arctic and sub-arctic regions. Air inversion is a frequent occurrence in these regions, and is exacerbated by the natural topography of an open-pit mine. Due to such inversions, the air quality in open-pit mines deteriorates very rapidly. Transport of gaseous pollutants under arctic air inversion is complex and involves an interaction between flow, thermal and convective transport systems. This paper discusses the
more » ... struction and validation of a three-dimensional model that simulate the flow of air and the transport of gaseous contaminants in an arctic open-pit mine and the effect of low influent velocity and large gust velocities on the contaminants profiles in the mine. It was found that while higher velocities may remove contaminants from the pit bottom, they may not remove the contaminants from the pit entirely, necessitating artificial mitigation measures
doi:10.2495/air160041 fatcat:a6kj4getxbgp7l3kaawotivxg4