O método do adjunto médio em otimização de forma e aplicações [thesis]

Vanessa Soares Borges da Silva
SILVA, V. S. B.. The averaged adjoint method in shape optmization and aplications. Dissertação In the present work we present several concepts of shape optimization and apply them using an educational code based on the level set method,written using the FEniCS package. For this, we compute the so-called distributed shape derivative, which takes the form of a domain integral. This distributed expression of the shape derivative is advantageous for dening a numerical shape optimization algorithm
more » ... ization algorithm based on the level set method, due to its ease of implementation. We also present the averaged adjoint method as an ecient alternative for the calculation of the distributed shape derivative. Using these concepts, we study an educational code for compliance minimization in the context of linearized elasticity. Through various classical examples of structural optimization, we demonstrate the eciency of this approach.
doi:10.11606/d.45.2020.tde-07122019-072502 fatcat:gixj4ox2wzemboxjqqkp2o5geu