Effect of Nb2O5·nH2O Termal Treatment on the Esterification of a Fatty Acid

Deborah A. dos Santos, Valdemar Lacerda, Júlia Tristão do C. Rocha, Reginaldo B. dos Santos, Sandro J. Greco, Alvaro C. Neto, Renzo C. Silva, Eustáquio V. R. de Castro
2013 Modern Research in Catalysis  
In general, esterification reactions are favored by the increase in reaction temperature, excess of one of the reactants (usually alcohol), and additions of acid or basis catalysts. Esterification of oleic acid with methanol catalyzed by Nb 2 O 5 ·nH 2 O calcined at different temperatures showed good conversion rates, especially at reaction temperature of 100˚C and higher catalyst proportions. PLS calibration showed good results for predicting the amounts of methyl oleate in reaction products.
doi:10.4236/mrc.2013.23010 fatcat:2id4zjwgbjgfrkbckib4ofsvmq