Teaching Probabilistic Graphical Models with OpenMarkov

Francisco Javier Díez, Manuel Arias, Jorge Pérez-Martín, Manuel Luque
2022 Mathematics  
OpenMarkov is an open-source software tool for probabilistic graphical models. It has been developed especially for medicine, but has also been used to build applications in other fields and for tuition, in more than 30 countries. In this paper we explain how to use it as a pedagogical tool to teach the main concepts of Bayesian networks and influence diagrams, such as conditional dependence and independence, d-separation, Markov blankets, explaining away, optimal policies, expected utilities,
more » ... tc., and some inference algorithms: logic sampling, likelihood weighting, and arc reversal. The facilities for learning Bayesian networks interactively can be used to illustrate step by step the performance of the two basic algorithms: search-and-score and PC.
doi:10.3390/math10193577 fatcat:zhoh7qz6j5dahpoz42swqrgrna