Mapping of Real World Problems to Nature Inspired Algorithm using Goal based Classification and TRIZ [article]

Palak Sukharamwala, Manojkumar Parmar
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The technologies and algorithms are growing at an exponential rate. The technologies are capable enough to solve technically challenging and complex problems which seemed impossible task. However, the trending methods and approaches are facing multiple challenges on various fronts of data, algorithms, software, computational complexities, and energy efficiencies. Nature also faces similar challenges. Nature has solved those challenges and formulation of those are available as Nature Inspired
more » ... orithms (NIA), which are derived based on the study of nature. A novel method based on TRIZ to map the real-world problems to nature problems is explained here.TRIZ is a Theory of inventive problem solving. Using the proposed framework, best NIA can be identified to solve the real-world problems. For this framework to work, a novel classification of NIA based on the end goal that nature is trying to achieve is devised. The application of the this framework along with examples is also discussed.
arXiv:2010.03795v1 fatcat:jdqak4mdnffgvbznv4dfpwvzsi