A Valencian-style Coalition Government: el Botànic

Rosa Roig
2020 Debats. Revista de cultura, poder i societat  
Coalition governments are common in the European political landscape in various tiers ofgovernment. However, such coalitions were an exception in the history of the Valencian Autonomy until 2015, which marked a new stage with the so-called El Botànic governments. Which factors explain this change in the Valencian political system? What are the features of such coalition governments? Can this model be applied to other political systems? This paper addresses these and other issues. First, it
more » ... ues. First, it looks at what led to coalition governments in both 2015 and 2019. Second, it studies the model of coalition government. The hypothesis tested is this: El Botànic is a coalition government whose success in terms of stability and governmental action is framed within a specific Valencian political context.
doi:10.28939/iam.debats-en.2020-8 fatcat:trpiue4mnvebbjhlp7e6nufu4y