Modification Of Normal Microscope To Magneto-Optical Microscope

Nurazlin Ahmad, Azuraida Amat, Wan Yusmawati, Wan Yusoff, Nurshahidah Osman, Noor Baayah, Ibrahim
The present work reports on the modification of polarizing microscope to a magnetic domain imaging microscope based on Faraday Effect. Sample used in this research is a ferromagnetic garnet; (Bi,Tm,Na)3(Fe,Ga)5O12. The halogen lamp in the microscope is replaced by helium-neon (HeNe) laser as a light source. To reduce the laser spatial coherent effect, thin transparent plastics placed in the laser path. The plastics are rotated at certain velocity. Other factors to be considered are the plastic
more » ... ed are the plastic rotation velocity, the laser intensity and the laser alignment. Typical magnetic domain pattern is obtained with the new system.