ISPSW Strategy Series: Focus on Defense and International Security The Jihad Escalates in Europe The Jihad Escalates in Europe

Yossef Bodansky, Yossef Bodansky
2016 unpublished
Executive Summary The recent terror attacks throughout Europe-both big and small-are all part and parcel of an escalating Jihadist offensive at the heart of Europe. Although the media arm of the Islamic State/Caliphate has been claiming responsibility for these attacks-they have no merit. The Jihad in Europe originates with, and is waged by, European Jihadists in the newly defined Dar ul-Kuffar. The Jihad in Europe will continue to expand and escalate because the on-site leaders, commanders and
more » ... ers, commanders and mujahedin are all convinced that they are on the verge of historic triumph-the subjugation and Islamicization of Europe. About ISPSW The Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy (ISPSW) is a private institute for research and consultancy. The ISPSW is objective and task oriented, and impartial to party politics. In an ever more complex international environment of globalized economic processes and worldwide political, ecological, social and cultural change, that bring major opportunities but also risks, decision makers in enterprises and politics depend more than ever before on the advice of highly qualified experts. ISPSW offers a range of services, including strategic analyses, security consultancy, executive coaching and intercultural competency. ISPSW publications examine a wide range of topics relating to politics, economy, international relations, and security/defence. ISPSW network experts have operated in executive positions, in some cases for decades, and command wide-ranging experience in their respective areas of specialization.