Time-Space Distributions of Ripple Geometry and Seasonal Variations of Retention Water in Intertidal Flat

Fumihiko YAMADA, Yasuharu SHIBATA, Masanori TABATA, Akio TAMAKI
Three-dimentional Laser and X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners have been applied to investigate a time-space evolutions of wave-generated ripple geometry and vertical sediment structures of intertidal mudflat with non-destructive conditions at Shirakawa River mouth. Field observations were conducted in two places where there are many Ruditapes philippinarums (clam-dominant area) or not (calm non-dominant area). Time-space evolutions of wave-generated ripple geometry at non-dominant area
more » ... e found to be larger than those of calm-dominant area. Reconstructing threedimensional images using CT value, retention water in the intertidal sediment at calm-dominant area existed up to 6cm below the sediment surface during dry cycle of tide motions.
doi:10.2208/proce1989.55.791 fatcat:nw4sxq3qmbebni5hnvyhkypc3e