Constructing A Set Of Futsal Basic Skillful Tests For Players Of The Secondary Schools Teams In Mosul City

Waleed. Kh. Rejab
2013 Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences  
This study aims at constructing a set of futsal basic skilful tests for the secondary school teams in Mosul city. The researchers have adopted the descriptive methodology with survey and correlating relationships for its convenience to the nature of the research. The samples of study deals with players of the futsal teams of secondary schools who were (42) teams and the real sample was (8:) teams played as teams of the secondary schools in championship (term 4188-4184) it was 97< from community
more » ... 97< from community , skilful tests were (88) contains (2) basic skills ( controllingpassing -dribbling -shooting ) the Two researchers used data were assessed using the arithmetic mean -the standard deviation -the percentage lawsemenof Test Normal distribution and Simple Correlation and factor analysis. The two researcher have concluded a battery of skilful tests including (:) factors six factors that achieve the terms required for factor acceptance which were : The first factor (the motor skills) , the second (flour passing ) , the third (controlling ),the fourth( shooting) , the fifth (controlling and passing ) and the six factor is ( kicking the ball). -been obtained a battery of basic skilful tests like Next tests throught variables wich included full degrees accepted factors which were : rolling ball around (7) signs according to Barrow methodpassing the ball by controlling footcontrolling the ball inside two circlesshooting from movement by row ball _ controlling the ball inside squire _ passing the ball along (01) second from movement).The two researcher recommended the following adopting the battery of tests as variables by coaches who work with futsal school teams as Indicator for testing and choosing players as well as constructing another batterys for other games and making similar researches and studies at other levels for female and Setting standard degrees for battery .
doi:10.33899/rajsport.2013.69681 fatcat:sui34kisdvec5lac26um6dwbce