Maryland Gazette April 1788

(:Unkn) Unknown
\\»' BOSTON, . M*rtb ij. in th m **.«*V 4*1, «•/ fi*fi***Mt. • Potb* honourable fhe fenate," and houfe of repre-, ...iff), of (he commonwealth of io'ieneril court affembled : naif inchei diameter, moch like the hollow which rent. We were loath to affront «m. ...I. -.». »v. U filled with th* pith of th, horn of an ox. Thi. i. offer of our 1-nd, on foci, Tern!. «d Gil t^rtrOM J^P"^*"* °^.n Pari "\ or «Pr*f» f,? *1 to limeftone; but thefe can be fren only where it ii periffied, tender and broken
more » ... om one end to the other" it appeals to have been nearly round j and <>n Hthert have been no paongtor brancae*. It ia in-your chirfs have told as wai'be'rcatTyOBr'nation 1! cmvated pearly i«to an arch of a large circle. By B..t, B.uhtr" we are more furoMlef Will, to Uar« hear voo art accented that ' (Wilti Will to e.rn »o» claim a right to control QI in the diiW.1 land, , you acknow^ge it to J« our ± 1. '0 U R petitioneri, melancholy fenfe of their late errori, and aexioua face more to return to the bofom of their country* and epjoy again the prefent ftate of both the eadi, much of it mnft the bkniaga o£ peace, ondtr the. mild, have perilled) probably two or three feet from each lopenlioa ol the laws Umbly beg leave to fuppli. t*dv From a general view of it, there it reafon to « the game we take in°hijniin»7"wnv Then "do low the m««y of the * !«* « « «* «' fa"oa '-helis>*«k that ia ita natural ftate it wai nearly a fe-(ay that »e fti.ll not difpofe of it as we think be'il || the molt unfeigned penitence, confirmed by an micircle of ten or twelve feet. The undecayed You may, Br»tb*r,t with as much propriety when Lperience of the misfortotiea to which they have parts" particularly the outfide, in burning, fend one of our hunters comei to your ma;kct with a Ibttn pfifbnally expofed, ia the coarfe of their ua-forth * flench like a burning horn ot bone Of what P«k of beaver, point oat the perfon to whom ha Ikippr oppofition to government, may be allowed to animal this ii the horn or boae, and what is income »«Jl fell, and to no other. lofxrsie, ihry certainly have ihil to plead ia expiati-of thia, animal, art; queltioaa worthy of the curiom tniktri. We wi(h yon to conflder |on ol their paft condud. _ _. tod learned. I Your pet lionets do not mean to multiply if. Thi* cgriofity is in the pofleffion of the honour-Lr»r.cei, but the* beg leave boldly to refer to their able Tinattby, Edward*, Efcjj of Stockbridge. , behaviour, as the bett evidence of their fine*. N E \V ~Y 6 I.'ft, M»ar<* ig, Tbe foBowi»i» talk f'»»n th* Oaeida aation of In-,ly ind thay iamly trutt, that axi perfoa will aoratiered the*, ia the pr aflica.ol rach vistu«ar aa e bJuct«ill»c of th« beft ciii»e«s. Thry hav< indeed been deladed, but Aey beg the laMe court to believr, rbat their rreartr are rrrH* nsA«d wilh every fentimertef re^eA, reverence you to conflder this matter well, and to do u< j u fliee. We have now leafed our whole country, excepting what we refeivtd tor our own ofe, to people, who we doubt not, will •.¥, ua according to agreemen-; and if there beany thing Hat yua can t!o, to entourage them in their fettle* mcnt of it, we wifh it may be d»ne.
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