Promoting Orang Asli Entrepreneur Development At Tasik Chini Ecosystem: A Review

Suzaida Bakar
2020 unpublished
In general, the Orang Asli communities of Tasik Chini were involved in several occupations. They been brought up to be a survivor not only with single job. Many of them worked within natural resources sector and also involve in community's ownership. Orang Asli in Tasik Chini also involve in entrepreneur. They are venturing into handicraft sector. Some of them are capable of attracting a business venture into their village. However, it is revealed that only 1% involved in entrepreneurial
more » ... repreneurial sector. The findings indicate, the successful factor for indigenous entrepreneur at Tasik Chini such are support in terms of business knowledge, financial, entrepreneurial training and facilities from the government, besides the continuous support from NGO and higher education institutions (provide a workshop or training that related to entrepreneurial skills.) Other than that, continuous monitoring from government and funding institutions, and having a good channel of networking and platform to market their products and services also contribute to the successful indigenous entrepreneur while the obstacles that are lacking of continuous monitoring from related party. They also facing with on how to market their product.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.12.05.49 fatcat:r5l6ihfyzjdfbg6aqccazylhfq