Diagnostic Value of Provocative Test by Insulin Combined with Clonidine for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Children

J Iran, Pediatr
2013 Iranian Journal of Pediatrics   unpublished
Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic value of provocative test by insulin combined with clonidine for growth hormone deficiency (GHD) during childhood Methods: Eighty children underwent a provocative test with insulin(0.075U/Kg, intravenous) combined with clonidine (4μg/kg, orally). Among them, 40 children underwent clonidine provocative test, 40 children underwent insulin tolerance test (ITT) in another day. Findings: The specificity of ITT+clonidine test (74%, 88%) was remarkably higher than
more » ... that of ITT (48%) or clonidine test (65%). ITT+clonidine test had a better accuracy (75%, 85%) than that of ITT (63%) or clonidine test (73%) Conclusion: We conclude that the combined clonidine+insulin test is a feasible, reliable, convenient, time saving, and safe tool for evaluation of the growth hormone (GH) axes than the clonidine test or ITT.