Effect of Co-Dopant on the Phase Structure and Photoluminescence Properties of Sr2mgsi2O7: En2+ Phosphors

S.Y. Pung, C.H. Chang, M.N. Ahmad Fauzi, S.R. Kasim
2018 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The role of co-dopants, i.e. Dy, Ce, Tb or Y in SMS : Eu, RE 3+ phosphor sintered using solid state reaction method at 1250 o C under forming gas was studied. All SMS phosphors exhibited tetragonal Sr2MgSi2O7 as the domain phase and monoclinic SrSiO3 as the minor phase based on XRD analysis. It is noted that only single blue emission (469nm) contributed by Eu 2+ ions was detected in RTPL measurement regardless types of co-dopants introduced during the sintering process. This result indicates
more » ... result indicates that the co-dopants did not act as luminance centres in the SMS phosphor. The time-decay PL and temperature dependent PL analysis suggest that Ce 3+ ions acted as sensitizer which improved the luminescence intensity and afterglow property of SMS phosphor. The present of Dy 3+ ions pro-longed the afterglow property by introducing more traps density in the SMS phosphor structure. The co-doping of Tb or Y into the SMS phosphor generated many non-radiative recombination centres which deteriorated the optical performance of SMS: Eu 2+ , RE 3+ phosphor.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1082/1/012022 fatcat:4z3vww3uwjfb3bh4re62s2smnu