Identification and corrective actions of preanalytical errors in clinical biochemistry laboratory of a pediatric tertiary care hospital: A two year study

Gouri Devi, Suresh Babu G, Abdullah Saad, Suneetha, Rama Devi, Babu Suresh, Ganji
Objective: To identify the leading causes of preanalytical errors in clinical biochemistry laboratory and suggesting few corrections. Methods: A retrospective analysis of the records and log registers for 2016-17, for errors in the preanalytical phase at the clinical chemistry laboratory and this data was analyzed for the frequency of the main factors affecting the preanalytical quality of results. And correction measures are suggested accordingly. Results: Of the 168354 samples received, 61%
more » ... les received, 61% were from pediatric ICUs and a total of 5120 i.e., 3% samples were found to have errors in the preanalytical phase. The error is more frequent for Hb electrophoresis samples (105 out of 1331 samples, i.e.,7.8%) because of clots, followed by coagulation samples(350 of 10945,i.e.,3.2%) for short draws. preanalytical errors in Transport and vacutainer categories predominated with 31% and 30% respectively. Out of 5120 specimens with preanalytics, 409 i.e., 8% of specimens, were unsuitable for further processing hence rejected (SR) due to wrong tubes (45%), clots (39%), clerical mistakes (12%) and broken tubes (4%). Conclusion: Identification and documentation with periodical auditing of preanalytical errors will confidently assure the quality and promote safety management of the patient.