Distribution and abundance of the ichthyoplankton assemblages and its relationships with the geostrophic flow along the southern region of the California Current

Gerardo Aceves, Sylvia Jimenez, Ricardo Saldierna, Reginaldo Durazo, Alejandro Hinojosa, Martin Hernandez, Eduardo Gonzalez, Gilberto Gaxiola
2018 Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research  
The distribution of ichthyoplankton assemblages (summer 1999 and winter 2000) from the southern region of the California Current (CC) off the Baja California Peninsula were analyzed. Latitudinal and ocean-coast distribution limits of the assemblages were associated with the geostrophic flow, which showed the presence of cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies in the northern and central region of the Baja California Peninsula. The comparative analysis of distribution and abundance of the developmental
more » ... f the developmental stages (egg to preflexion, flexion, and postflexion larval stages), showed that each mesoscale eddy had a specific ichthyoplankton assemblage, and the ichthyogeographic regionalization of the study area was determined by the presence of eddies and fronts. Retention processes were observed on epipelagic and demersal species where the fish larvae were maintained near the coastal region.
doi:10.3856/vol46-issue1-fulltext-12 fatcat:l2rbe2yxgreojlmjg2md2crqr4