CD56 is Expressed Exclusively on CD3+ T Lymphocytes in Canine Peripheral Blood

Isao OTANI, Tsuyoshi NIWA, Masazumi TAJIMA, Akira ISHIKAWA, Takehisa WATANABE, Shigehisa TSUMAGARI, Masatoshi TAKEISHI, Kiichi KANAYAMA
2002 Journal of Veterinary Medical Science  
CD56 + cells in canine blood leukocytes were characterized by flow-cytometric analysis of peripheral blood of 30 healthy adult beagle-dogs (15 males and 15 non-pregnant females). In 19 of the 30 dogs, anti human CD56 antibody, Leu-19, reacted with 8.8-21.7% of peripheral blood lymphocytes. All CD56 + cells simultaneously expressed CD3 molecules on their surface. Further phenotypic analysis revealed that 50.6 ± 13.1% of the CD56 + cells showed CD4 -CD8 + phenotype and 43.7 ± 10.1% showed CD4 +
more » ... 0.1% showed CD4 + CD8phenotype. Expression intensity of CD56 on the CD4 -CD8 + CD56 + cells was significantly higher than that on CD4 + CD8 -CD56 + cells (P<0.001). These findings indicate that CD56, which is a neural cell adhesion molecule, is uniquely expressed on subsets of T lymphocytes in canine peripheral blood. KEY WORDS: canine, N-CAM, natural killer.
doi:10.1292/jvms.64.441 pmid:12069078 fatcat:txje6d2kfvemjjmed7vyuzhvk4