1882 The Lancet  
455 returned in the corresponding week of 1881. The deaths of infants under one year of age were more numerous than in any recent week. -HEALTH OF DUBLIN. The rate of mortality in Dublin, which had been equal to 33'6 and 35'1 per 1000 in the two preceding weeks, further rose to 37'2 in the week ending llth inst. During the first ten weeks of the current quarter the death-rate in the city i averaged 35.5 against 26'3 in London, and 20'1 in Edinburgh. I , The 248 deaths in Dublin last week showed
more » ... a further increase of 14 upon the numbers in the two previous weeks ; I , 31 were referred to measles, 8 to fever, 4 to diarrhoea, 1 to scarlet-fever, 1 to whooping-cough, and not one either to small-pox or diphtheria. The 45 deaths from these principal zymotic diseases were equal to an annual rate of 6'7 per 1000 in the city ; the death-rate from the same diseases was 4'1 in London and 3'8 in Edinburgh. The fatal cases of measles in Dublin, which had been 39 and 27 in the two previous weeks, rose again to 31 last week ; during the first ten weeks of this year, no fewer than 348 deaths from this disease have been recorded within the city. The 8 deaths referred to " fever" showed a marked further increase upon recent weekly numbers ; and those attributed to diarrhoea were also more numerous. The deaths, both of infants and elderly persons, showed a decline from the numbers in the previous week.
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