An Effect of the Micro Bubble Formation Depending on the Saturator and the Nozzle in the Dissolved Air Flotation System
DAF 공정에서 공기포화장치와 노즐 특성 별 미세기포 발생에 미치는 영향

S.C. Park, H.Y. Oh, M.K. Chung, S.L. Song, Y.H. Ahn
2013 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers  
The saturator and injection nozzle are important facilities on the dissolved air flotation process. To increase the formation of micro bubble, it is required to improve the air dissolving performance in the saturator and keep the pressure uniform from the saturator to the nozzle. This study aimed to evaluate the performance of the saturator and the hydraulic effect of the nozzle and the pipe structure. The air volume concentration, bubble size and bubble residual time were measured in the test.
more » ... asured in the test. The saturator, which had mounted with the spray nozzle, showed a good performance for bubble formation. Also, the characteristics of micro bubble formation were influenced by pressure uniformity and flow velocity through the orifice in the nozzle.
doi:10.4491/ksee.2013.35.12.929 fatcat:dahv55zfu5ho3eugqou3dyptpe