System Technoecology and Managed Nature-Technical Systems
Системная техноэкология и управляемые природно-технические системы

Суздалева, A. Suzdaleva
2016 Safety in Technosphere  
The result of the technogenic transformation of the environment is the formation of dynamic systems, denoted by the term «nature-technical systems». In the near future in these systems will exist not only people, but also most living organisms of the Earth. Therefore, the saving of favorable conditions in nature-technical systems becomes an increasingly actual task. The only possible way to solve this problem is to create special engineering systems — «ecological regulators». Ecological
more » ... Ecological regulators at the regional level can serve as large hydroelectric power stations. They protect vast areas against abnormal droughts and floods. Ecological regulators of larger scale can be created during the installation of systems for interbasin freshwater resources transmission. The development of greenhouse effect causes a change in the rate of atmospheric fallout in different parts of the Earth. In some regions they decline catastrophically, somewhere else they increase abnormally. This causes bad harvests, hunger, the spread of epidemics and uncontrolled mass migrations. The disastrous droughts and floods also cause degradation of natural ecosystems. Managed nature-technical systems created on the base objects of interbasin water resources transmission at the same time will keep the geopolitical stability and conserve biodiversity in many regions. Successful implementation of these tasks, in practice, is impossible without the development of a reliable scientific-methodological basis, which includes a comprehensive study of the technical and environmental problems. This is the subject of study of the new scientific discipline — system technoecology.
doi:10.12737/21718 fatcat:5wqlpji5qva4ngq5ms42t4qh5m