Plagiarism and Cheating in Russian Universities: The Role of the Learning Environment and Personal Characteristics of Students
Плагиат и списывание в российских вузах: роль образовательной среды и индивидуальных характеристик студента

Evgeniya Shmeleva
2016 Educational Studies Moscow  
This study aims to find out how plagiarism and cheating as dishonest practices correlate with the personal characteristics of students (e. g. their involvement in learning and research activities) and the specific features of the learning environment. A survey of university students and professors that was conducted as part of the 2014 Monitoring of Education Markets and Organizations provided the empirical basis for research. The impact of factors was assessed using two binary logistic
more » ... ry logistic regressions, with response variables describing experiences of cheating and plagiarism. We show that these types of academic misconduct are not affected by whether the university applies formal or informal plagiarism-checking techniques. Professor intolerance to cheating and willingness to apply strict penalties appears to play a more important role in preventing academic dishonesty. The probability of using dishonest practices is also decreased by such factors as intensive preparation for classes, confidence in working in one's field of study in the future, and prioritizing the quality of education instead of its accessibility when choosing a university and major.
doi:10.17323/1814-9545-2016-1-84-109 fatcat:35vxqqfqojaojltvyqjcdn4sli