10461 Abstracts Collection and Summary – Schematization in Cartography, Visualization, and Computational Geometry

Jason Dykes, Matthias Müller-Hannemann, Alexander Wolff, Mattias Müller-Hannemann
The Dagstuhl Seminar 10461 "Schematization in Cartography, Visualization, and Computational Geometry" was held November 14--19, 2010 in Schloss Dagstuhl~-- Leibniz Center for Informatics. The seminar brought together experts from the areas graph drawing, information visualization, geographic information science, computational geometry, very-large-scale integrated circuit (VLSI) layout, and underground mining. The aim was to discuss problems that arise when computing the layout of complex
more » ... s under angular restrictions (that govern the way in which the network edges are drawn). This collection consists of abstracts of three different types of contributions that reflect the different stages of the seminar; (a)~survey talks about the role of schematization in the various communities represented at the seminar, (b)~talks in the open problem and open mic sessions, and (c)~introductory talks.
doi:10.4230/dagsemproc.10461.1 fatcat:dghbct4wobcpjbc4g4uk52vozu