Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Pressure Effects in a Hot Cascade Type Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube

R. Madhu Kumar et al., R. Madhu Kumar et al.,, TJPRC
2018 International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development  
The vortex tube is a device, having no moving parts, which generates hot air and cold air simultaneously at its two ends from an inlet of compressed air. In this study, performance of hot cascade type Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube, with a length to diameter ratio (L/D) of 20 with different pressures 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 bars, on the basis of CFD results were investigated. The total outlet hot kinetic exergy, total outlet hot physical exergy, total outlet cold kinetic exergy, total outlet cold
more » ... al exergy and total outlet exergy were investigated by using CFD software data. It was found that high total outlet exergy was obtained at the pressure of inlet air 12 bar.
doi:10.24247/ijmperddec201815 fatcat:ktv2rbye4nbm5a4y4pwytvocfq