A 45 nm 9-bit 1 GS/s High Precision CMOS Folding A/D Converter with an Odd Number of Folding Blocks

Seongjoo Lee, Jangwoo Lee, Minkyu Song
2014 JSTS Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science  
In this paper, a 9-bit 1GS/s high precision folding A/D converter with a 45 nm CMOS technology is proposed. In order to improve the asymmetrical boundary condition error of a conventional folding ADC, a novel scheme with an odd number of folding blocks is proposed. Further, a new digital encoding technique is described to implement the odd number of folding technique. The proposed ADC employs a digital error correction circuit to minimize device mismatch and external noise. The chip has been
more » ... ricated with 1.1V 45nm Samsung CMOS technology. The effective chip area is 2.99 mm 2 and the power dissipation is about 120 mW. The measured result of SNDR is 45.35 dB, when the input frequency is 150 MHz at the sampling frequency of 1 GHz. The measured INL is within +7 LSB/-3 LSB and DNL is within +1.5 LSB/-1 LSB.
doi:10.5573/jsts.2014.14.4.376 fatcat:nfwv6g7tsng6pnl3nxnkvdxtly