Plural Voting and Representation of Minorities in Central Europe

2016 Social Pathology and Prevention  
In this paper the relationship between parliamentary representation of nationalities and plural voting in Europe will be examined. First of all, it will be overviewed which European countries applied plural voting before 1945. Then the Hungarian legal scientists' judgement of multiple voting before 1945 will be described and we ascertain when the Hungarian decision-makers intended to enact plural voting and how is it connected to minority issues. The Venice Commission's opinion on the topic
more » ... on on the topic will also be detailed according to which plural voting is admissible only if it is in relation with representation of minorities and for the benefit of them. After this historical and theoretical overview, the practice of the only European country -Slovenia -applying plural voting on such a basis will be described. This paper also relates to the problem of plural voting and nationality in Hungary. The system of parliamentary representation of ethnic minorities in Hungary will be shortly analysed as well.
doi:10.25142/cep.2016.004 fatcat:k4kjd2n5b5hg5oug3fyhvp6s7y