Non-Hodgkin Type Lymphoma Cancer Cell Detection using Connected Components Labeling and Moments of Image

Monirul Islam Pavel, Mohsinul Bari, Dewan Ahmed, Omar Faruk
2021 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Cancers are one of the deadliest diseases with a costly treatment system in the world at present. In this paper a cost-effective, autonomous system of cancer-cell detection was proposed using several efficient image processing methods to develop an early stage non-Hodgkin type lymphoma which is a type of blood cancer. The system is implemented automatically to detect the traits of cancer in microscopy images of biopsy samples. Recent attempts have previously lacked flexibility in
more » ... and the accuracy level is not consistent with the individual cancer type. The framework consisted three stages for detecting cancer on the basis of various detected traits including cell segmentation, quantification, area measurement analysis of cells, a center clump detection using the moment of image, identification of 4-connected components and Moore-Neighbor tracing algorithm. This methodology has been used in several sets of images and Feedback from these test executions has been used to improve the system. Subsequently, the proposed method can be used efficiently for used for autonomous non-hodgking type lymphoma cancer cell detection, which has an accuracy of 93.75%.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2021.0120470 fatcat:vdgkap6zqvgn7bhmgdu6tmd22q