A Text-Book of Veterinary Anatomy

1911 Journal of the American Medical Association  
k. k. primarazt am k. k. Kai s er i n Elisabeth-Spital, Wien. Paper. Price, 14 marks. Pp. 335. Vienna: U r b a nu n dSchwarzenberg (American Publishers: Rebman Co., N e w Y o r k ) ,1 9 1 1 . The diagnosis of tumors of the abdomen has always been a matter of difficulty. The good results following operation on many such tumors, even malignant ones, make it incumbent on the p h y s i c i a n to make as early and as accurate a diagnosis as possible. To one aiming to do this and c o n s c i o u s
more » ... c o n s c i o u s of the difficulties, Schmidt's book will be of peculiar h e l p . One good thing about this work is that the author s t i c k s to his text. He talks of malignant growths and not of t he non-malignant; thereis little of etiology, pathology or t r eatment, except as it has a direct bearing on the ques t i onof diagnosis; there is no needless argument about things t h e o r e tical; there is almost nothing of the polemic. There ar e o c c asi onal l a p s e s i nt o unnecessary repetition, but conciseness is the rul e. The book is essentially clinical and based largely on the a u t h o r ' s own e x p e r i e n c e .
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