Routing for reliable manufacturing

E.P. Huijbregts, Hua Xue, J.A.G. Jess
1995 IEEE transactions on semiconductor manufacturing  
The impact of spot defects on the susceptibility for electrical failure of a net is analyzed. Based on this analysis, a general routing cost function is presented, in which the manufacturability of a net is taken into account in conjunction with traditional routing objectives. The new cost function, relating the process spot defects to the routing procedure has been implemented. Failure probabilities are analyzed for the benchmark layouts obtained by our routing tool using both the original
more » ... th the original cost function and the new cost function. The results show that the failure probability of a layout is significantly decreased if the spot defect mechanism is taken into account in the routing procedure, while the area of the layout is kept constant.
doi:10.1109/66.382282 fatcat:ycgbf5lnt5gublfhdbaq3sts5u