Cordierite (2MgO•2Al2O3•5SiO2) synthesis by unconventional methods

Silvana Ianoşev, Ioan Lazău, Cornelia Păcurariu, Antoneta Avramescu
2008 Processing and Application of Ceramics  
The cordierite was synthesized by two unconventional methods: 1) the method which uses hydrosilicate precursors and 2) the method which uses organic precursors. Comparison of these synthesis methods with the classical one is the main subject of the presented paper. The infl uence of Li 2 O on the cordierite phase formation was investigated too. The results have suggested that the method which uses hydrosilicate precursors provides the SiO 2 linkage as magnesium metasilicate, but is not adequate
more » ... but is not adequate for the cordierite synthesis. Only in the presence of Li 2 O considerably amount of the μ-cordierite modifi cation was formed, confi rming the mineralizing effect of this oxide. In addition, the results have clearly demonstrated that the method which uses organic precursors is suitable for the cordierite synthesis. Thus, even without mineralizer it can be used for the preparation of the almost pure α-cordierite at 1200°C. Because of that this method was used to obtain pigments with cordierite structure, in which Al 3+ was partially substituted with Cr 3+ (pink pale colour), and Mg 2+ was partially substituted with Co 2+ (blue colour).
doi:10.2298/pac0801039i fatcat:j4db5spzjzcg3dcauk7cexk55i