Burden Descending Behaviour with Renewal of Deadman in a Two Dimensional Cold Model of Blast Furnace

Hiroshi Takahashi, Masayuki Tanno, Jiro Katayama
1996 ISIJ International  
The present investigation was intented to elucidate the solid particles behaviour in ironmaking blast furnace when the renewal of deadmancoke is going on, The measurement of solid particles velocity was performed with a two-dimensional cold model simulating both consumption of coke in the raceway and renewal of the deadman.Theexistance of a dynamic boundary for the deadman was clarified by the detailed anaiysis of the velocity characteristics, and size of the deadman was reduced as the renewal
more » ... ate increased. The deadman was renewed by the particles fed within a central, Iimited area at the top on the bed. Both the critical area and the descending velocity near the central axis of the shaft became large with increasing of the renewal rate. An experimental correlation was obtained to estimate the span of the critical area. Further, it was confirmed for the downflow of particles to rise from the bottom of raceway during renewal.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.36.1354 fatcat:255b4u3llzdxzhtjgxuzqij4me