An Effective Mechanism for Handling Open Voids in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mohamed Aissani, Sofiane Bouznad, Abdelmalek Hariza, Salah-Eddine Allia
Open voids are often formed on the boundary of a deployed wireless sensor network (WSN). Geographical routing protocols must handle these voids where packets fall into local minima. To contribute on resolving this problem, we propose in this paper an effective mechanism for handling this kind of voids. It uses two simple and effective algorithms ensuring discovery and maintenance of the network boundary. Contrary to existing void-handling techniques, our proposal uses the information about this
more » ... ormation about this boundary and the destination node for better directing data packets in optimal paths. Thus, open voids are avoided with great efficiency. The proposed mechanism has good performances in terms of packet delivery ratio, average routing path length, boundary energy consumed per delivered packet and average residual deadline of all delivered packets.