Ferns and lycophytes from Ferradura Park, Canela (RS), Brazil

Tamara J. Falavigna, Carlos R. Lehn, Marcelo D. Arana
2021 Lilloa  
A list of ferns and lycophytes from Ferradura Park, a private park located in Canela, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is presented. The park has an area of 400 ha with forest formations such as Araucaria Forest, Mixed Ombrophilous Forest and Seasonal Deciduous Forest, with transition zones and areas at different stages of regeneration. We found 56 species (five lycophytes and 51 ferns) in Ferradura Park. Lycophytes are represented by two families (Lycopodiaceae and Selaginellaceae) and four genera,
more » ... ile 11 families and 33 genera were recorded for ferns. Most of the species are exclusively terrestrial (39 spp.). The predominant life form is hemicriptophytic with rosulate growth (27 spp.). Phlegmariurus heterocarpon, Polytaenium lineatum and Vittaria lineata are considered locally rare. The area presents 15% of the species richness of the State of Rio Grande do Sul including rare species, which highlights the importance of implementing effective actions for the continuing Park conservation.
doi:10.30550/j.lil/2021.58.1/2021.03.25 fatcat:vlsfollgo5fetojpp6amkp23tm