Exclusive Decuplet-Baryon Pair Production in Two-Photon Collisions [report]

C Berger
2004 unpublished
This work extends our previous studies of two-photon annihilation into baryon-antibaryon pairs from spin-1/2 octet to spin-3/2 decuplet baryons. Our approach is based on perturbative QCD and treats baryons as quarkdiquark systems. Using the same model parameters as in our previous work, supplemented by QCD sum-rule results for decuplet baryon wave functions, we are able to give absolute predictions for decuplet baryon cross sections without introducing new parameters. We find that the ∆ ++
more » ... section is of the same order of magnitude as the proton cross section, well within experimental bounds.
doi:10.2172/839626 fatcat:unovv57wh5ed3gf2sshqlehv4i