An All-Solid-State Ammonium Ion-Selective Electrode Based on Polyaniline as Transducer and Poly (o-phenylenediamine) as Sensitive Membrane

Yating Kan
2016 International Journal of Electrochemical Science  
An all-solid-state ammonium ion-selective electrode, with silver/nano-silver wire as the substrate, polyaniline as transducer and poly (o-phenylenediamine) as sensitive membrane, is presented. The nano-silver was prepared by electrodeposition in 0.1 M AgNO 3 standard solution with the half-sine wave at amplitude of 500 mV, frequency of 50 HZ and action time of 1 min. The polyaniline and poly (o-phenylenediamine) were electropolymerized on the surface of the silver/nano-silver substrate by
more » ... substrate by cyclic voltammetry with the scanning potential from 0 to 0.45 V in solutions of 1.0 M aniline hydrochloride and 0.08 M o-phenylenediamine hydrochloride, respectively. Under the SEM, poly (ophenylenediamine) with 0.5-5 µm in size was evenly and firmly embedded on the surface of the PANI. This ammonium electrode exhibited low impedance of approximately 70 Ohm. It can detect as low as 1.2×10 -5 M of ammonium ion, with the slopes of 54.99-55.70 mV per decade (R 2 >0.99) within a linear range between 2×10 -5 M to 0.1 M. It responds as quickly as 0.5-2 s, as well as its lifespan extends to at least 147 days. The electrode showed a superior selectivity toward NH 4 + , and was successfully applied to detect the NH 4 + concentration in real samples. In addition, this electrode is miniature and convenient for package and assembly, which will enable in-situ measurement and long-term monitoring of NH 4 + concentration in rivers, lakes and industrial sewage.
doi:10.20964/2016.12.03 fatcat:bl4msvscqraqrirre2rwxo327e