A Network-based Communication Platform for a Cognitive Computer

Mostafa W. Numan, Jesse Frost, Braden J. Phillips, Michael Liebelt
2015 International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition  
Street is a reconfigurable parallel computer architecture. It executes a production language directly in hardware with the aim of realising advanced cognitive agents in a more energy efficient manner than conventional computers. Street requires frequent communication between many processing elements and to make this communication more energy efficient, a network-based communication platform, StreetNet, is proposed in this paper. It maps the processing elements onto a 2D mesh architecture
more » ... ed according to the data dependencies between them. A deadlock-free deterministic routing function is considered for this platform along with the concept of sleep period, analogous to human sleeping, to reorganize the placements of processing elements based on runtime traffic statistics. These mechanisms serve to reduce total network traffic and hence minimise energy consumption.
dblp:conf/aic/NumanFPL15 fatcat:z726ou73rvdobdm3bkwt2lliwe