Art. XXII.—Buddha's Quotation of a Gāthā by Sanatkumāra

Georg Bühler
1897 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland  
In the introduction to his edition and translation of the Madhura Sutta (J.R.A.S. 1894, p. 341 ff.) Mr. R. Chalmers calls attention to the Gāthā concerning the pre-eminence of the Kṣatriyas, which the Buddha quotes at the end of the Ambaṭṭha Sutta and elsewhere with great approval, and attributes to the Bramhā Sanaṃkumāra, the Sanatkumāra of the Brahmanical literature, who is described both as a teacher of the Yogaśāstra and as one of the mind-born sons of Brahmā, or as identical with Skanda.
more » ... ical with Skanda. Mr. Chalmers thinks that the verse can hardly be a concoction of the Buddhists, as the exposure of such a forgery would have been inevitable. On the other hand, he believes that with the growing pretensions of the Brahmans such an utterance might have easily dropped out of the official recensions of the Brahmanical texts. But he expresses the hope that the verse may be discovered in Sanskrit, to the credit both of the Buddha and of the Brahmans.
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