PdI2 as a Simple and Efficient Catalyst for the Hydroamination of Arylacetylenes with Anilines

Casnati, Voronov, Ferrari, Mancuso, Gabriele, Motti, Ca'
2020 Catalysts  
The hydroamination reaction is a convenient alternative strategy for the formation of C–N bonds. Herein, we report a new versatile and convenient protocol for the hydroamination of arylacetylenes with anilines using palladium iodide in the absence of any added ligand as catalyst. Mild conditions, excellent regio- and stereoselectivity, and high functional group tolerance are the main features of this methodology. A subsequent reduction step gives access to a wide variety of secondary aromatic amines.
more » ... econdary aromatic amines.
doi:10.3390/catal10020176 fatcat:2alhsklhzbbyfcnwv3jbt5gxq4