Supplementary material to "Global isoprene emissions estimated using MEGAN, ECMWF analyses and a detailed canopy environment model" [post]

J.-F. Müller, T. Stavrakou, S. Wallens, I. De Smedt, M. Van Roozendael, M. J. Potosnak, J. Rinne, B. Munger, A. Goldstein, A. B. Guenther
2007 unpublished
This supplement provides a detailed description of the model parameterizations for (1) radiative transfer in the canopy, (2) the leaf energy budget (including the determination of resistances for the exchange of heat and water vapor between leaves and the air), and (3) the vertical profile of windspeed in the canopy.
doi:10.5194/acpd-7-15373-2007-supplement fatcat:bgtvasdaifbdnccpuxb24s6ibm