Contents, Vol. 16, 1993

1993 Kidney & Blood Pressure Research  
Ritter, M.; Völkl, H.; Häussinger, D. Hypotonicity-Evoked Release of Organic Osmo-66 lytes from Distal Renal Cells: Systems, Signals, and Sidedness Kinne, R.K.H.; Czekay, R.-P.; Grunewald, J.M.; Mooren, F.C.; Kinne-Saffran, E. Metabolism of Dexamethasone: Sites and 79 Activity in Mammalian Tissues Siebe, H.; Baude, G.; Lichtenstein, I.; Wang, D.; Bühler, H.; Hoyer, G.-A.; Hierholzer, K. Interleukin-1 and Glomerular Mesangial Cells 89 Zoja, C; Rambaldi, A.; Remuzzi, G. Original Paper
more » ... l Paper Characteristics and Regulation of Na/Pi Cotrans-93 port in a SV-40-Transformed Rabbit Proximal Tubular Cell Line Müller, D.; Forgo, J.; Murer, H.; Biber, J. Effect of Methylprednisolone on Transforming 105 Growth Factor-Beta, Insulin-Like Growth Fac-tor-I, and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Gene Expression in the Kidneys of NZB/W Fl Mice Nakamura, T.; Ebihara, I.; Nagaoka, I.; Osada, S.; Tomino, Y.; Koide, H. Urinary Dopamine Excretion in Conscious Rats: 117 Effect of Carbidopa in Different States of Sodium Balance Mühlbauer, B.; Osswald, H. Regulation of Renal rKl -Kallikrein in Sponta-125 neously Hypertensive Rats Goud, H.D.; Oza, N.B.; Mitsialis, S.A.; Levinsky, N.G.
doi:10.1159/000173774 fatcat:7drontijknal7k5zwwmixfkzmq