Stabilized DFB laser system with large tuning range

Jiachen Yu Jiachen Yu, Pingjun Wang Pingjun Wang, Qi Yu Qi Yu, Yin Zhang Yin Zhang, Wei Xiong Wei Xiong, Xuzong Chen Xuzong Chen
2018 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
We propose, design, and realize a compact stabilized laser system that can be tuned within 24 GHz automatically. This laser system consists of two distributed feedback (DFB) lasers, one of which is reference and locked to the D2 line of 87 Rb, the other laser is a slave that is locked to the reference laser via a loop servo. We measured the frequency of the beating signal of the two lasers and generated an error signal, which controlled the frequency of the slave laser to close the loop. We
more » ... ressed the fluctuation of the beating signal's frequency to less than 1 MHz. Furthermore, the system can also automatically determine and control whether the slave is red detuned or blue detuned to the reference. The dimensions of our laser system are about 15 cm × 20 cm × 10 cm. This kind of laser system can be applied in many important applications, such as atomic interferometer and cold atomic clock.
doi:10.3788/col201816.031403 fatcat:ixcxeqz46na4hniicowxoyn2xe