The Interdependent Coexistence of the Rational Civilizations: The Mental Origin of Civilizations

Dingyu Chung
2020 Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science  
The paper purposes that the three major civilizations are territorial rational civilization originated from the tribes before the Axial Age, discrete Western rational civilization originated from the mega empires in Middle East and Greece during the Axial Age, and the connective Eastern rational civilization originated from the mega empires in India and China during the Axial Age. Territorial rational civilization with territorial worldview for ingroup and outgroup individuals produces
more » ... al nationalist democracy based on rule of boundary to deal with ingroup and outgroup individuals. Discrete Western rational civilization with discrete worldview for discrete and independent individuals produces discrete liberty-equality democracy based on rule of law to deal with discrete individuals. Connective Eastern rational civilization with connective worldview for connective and related individuals produces connective common wellbeing democracy based on rule of relation to deal with connective individuals. The current highly international interdependence produces the purposed internationalized interdependent community which allows the interdependent coexistence of the three rational civilizations by establishing the promotion of rational civilizations, the basic rules of relation and law, the potential civilizational and the regional defense boundaries, and the cooperation in international relations. The mental origin of the rational civilization consists of the social brain for instinctive intragroup relations and worldviews to form the original human social group, the mental immune system for instinctive mental therapy, theory of imaginary mind for imaginary religious and political entities with their own minds to form cohesive large social groups, and the thinking brain for rule to form rational civilization.
doi:10.4236/jbbs.2020.101004 fatcat:5ivyzmvlbfcb5c27hik7gf6vc4