Crystal structure of Boc-Trp-ΔPhe-OH, C25H26N3O5

J. Makker, S. Kumar, S. Dey, T. P. Singh
2002 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
tion from the expected planarity. It may be due to an adjustment with a bulky side chain of Trp. Every molecule in the structure is involved in three intermolecular hydrogen bonds [rf(Nl-Hl-03T) = 2.914 Â, angle ¿N1-H1-03T = 173.35°; ¿(N1E1-H1EA-OOP) = 2.853 Â, angle ¿N1E1-H1EA-OOP = 155.85°; ¿(N2-H2-N1E1) = 3.261 Â, angle ¿N2-H2 -N1E1 = 153.95°] resulting in an infinite chain of molecules. The regions in between the layers of hydrogen bonded molecules are packed with hydrophobic moieties. Table 1. Data collection and handling.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2002.217.1.565 fatcat:sjqlpcc3vnf23ou4fugoumjkb4